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We Cannot begin explaining the brakes without putting emphasis on how important the Braking System is for driving safety all together. The brake pedal the driver uses to apply stopping power can be up to ten times the force initially exerted! When failure occurs, IMMEDIATE ATTENTION is required. After applying the brakes, the master cylinder forces brake oil through its ports and down the brake hard lines through proportioning metering valves and ABS Module transferring this pressure to the brake calipers which in return apply that force to the brake pads. This slows down the rotating brake discs as needed until the process begins again.   Brake systems can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees C. Over time the brakes wear out and no longer dissipate the heat being generated causing the rest of the system to heat up. The brake fluid can only heat up so much before it boils and no longer helps the vehicle stop efficiently. This can make the difference in an emergency stop where every inch matters. Old Brakes and brakes showing signs such as squealing, grinding, sticking, turning Red to the eye, leaking fluid, low pedal feeling, pressure loss or just don’t feel right, should most definitely be verified. When in doubt, have a technician verify this concern.   Garage Match offers a wide selection of Brake Services & Inspections from Remplacement des plaquettes de frein à Remplacement du rotor/disque de frein à Remplacement du flexible de frein à La pédale de frein vibre Inspection and Much more.   A technician will perform a test drive and/or visual inspection to determine if replacement is necessary.  Have the brakes verified & tested! Brake Systems need regular scheduled maintenance every 5, 000 km.
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